Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time is the key to competitive advantage. Companies strive to build Human Resources solutions & frameworks, which are completely aligned to their business strategies. Solutions which make best use of talent pools, both within and outside the organization. Frameworks, where employees are encouraged to constantly challenge accepted practice, and create workforces that are not just ready for today, but geared to take on the challenges of the future. Xcellence Plus makes this happen.

Our human resources consultancy team is dedicated to partnering with organizations just like yours with their HR activities and needs.

Management structuring, defining roles in a company, talent management, performance management, payroll & incentives, reward & recognition frame works – are some of the HR advisory services that we offer.

We believe in creating productive and fruitful relationships with our clients by adding value to the business and ensure that they get the very best return on their HR spend. We listen, learn, evaluate and innovate to ensure that the solutions we apply to your business are exactly tailored to the challenges and opportunities it has.


Across industries, our learning solutions focus on one of the fundamental areas of human capital management – workforce development. Effective learning & development, is a key driver of performance–particularly when aligned with organizational culture& goals. Recognizing this inextricable link, Xcellence Plus provides a consistent approach to employee development that has helped our clients cultivate their teams at all organizational levels.

Strengthening the skills within an organization is key to continuous improvement and growth. Xcellence Plus is able to offer tailored and off-the-shelf learning and development activities in leadership development, sales effectiveness, customer service, behavioural skills, as well as training on key HR processes and issues.

Our workforce development programs adapt to both the unique needs of your organization, and to the world’s contrasting cultures.

Our learning solutions help organizations to:
• Model the values and behaviours that promote consistency across the organization
• Foster a sense of Shared ownership
• Create and manage high-performance organizations and teams
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Organizations performing at their best are swift to respond to opportunities and challenges. To make the right decisions, they require sharp insight into trends. To be ready, they must see resources and risks clearly.

There are two sides to every business – Cost and Revenue. Both require commitment to ensure business success. At Xcellence Plus, we help organizations with both cost and revenue. The cost is driven by the need for increasing efficiencies in processes and resource utilization. Xcellence Plus helps companies build a more efficient workforce & reduce the cost of doing business. The Revenue is built through innovation, customer relationships, reputation, and the organization’s ability to think, lead, sell and service. We help to make your human capital – the people who build your reputation and your relationships – more productive. At Xcellence Plus, we help improve your performance businesses by combining strategic commercial thinking with precise, hands-on experience of processes, assets and people. We help you develop the frameworks needed to implement new strategies and steer business toward greater efficiency and better performance. Our team of consultants can help you identify the key areas to address in order to achieve maximum value.


“When training is combined with coaching, individuals increased productivity by an average of 88 percent.” – Public Personnel Management Journal
“More than 50% of fortune 500 companies use executive coaches and six out of ten companies offer coaching to mid and senior level managers. ROI from the study is 529%. Coaching is the best strategy / methodology for successful leaders . “- The Hay Group
We define coaching as a personalized interaction with individuals to help them realize potential and reach goals. Professional coaching is an extremely powerful tool in enhancing the performance of individuals. Our coaches are able to draw upon tried, tested models and theories as well as own business experience in order to facilitate peak performance.

Xcellence Plus coaches do not just tell their coachee what the problem is and how to solve it. They help them reflect on problems and develop their own ways to address them. Employees then take greater responsibility for own performance and relationships.


The right language skills are an essential element for success in international business and industry. In increasingly globalized businesses, speaking the buyer’s or seller’s language helps attract overseas clients. Naturally, you need to demonstrate a range of skills to suit the role and industry you’re aiming for but communication, along with commercial awareness and organizational skills, is useful everywhere.

Xcellence Plus’s range of business language programs have been developed to meet the needs of organisations seeking to optimise their professional communication skills within an international context. They will assist you with the language and communications skills necessary to ensure that you are not only more comfortable communicating in a particular language, but that you are more confident in presenting yourself and your organization professionally within an international business arena.

Business language courses are delivered by our dual-qualified trainers who combine their industry / sector knowledge and experience with their training expertise. The results are business language courses that focus on the specific language areas and skills that you need to be successful in a particular language speaking business environment. We currently offer professionally organized language courses, in Arabic, English, Hindi, Chinese, and other major languages.