New technologies can help companies can measure and improve their level of employee engagement.

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Employee engagement is essentially the measure of how emotionally invested your staff is in the organization’s mission. While the percentage of people engaged in their jobs has grown over the past three years, the number still only sits at an abysmal 33%. Luckily, companies are finding smarter ways to use technology to not only measure engagement, but to promote it as well.

Here’s a list of actionable advice that any company can easily apply to their own office.

1. Hire the right employees

Employee engagement starts with the hiring process. Recruiters should be on the look out for candidates with a sense of purpose, interest, and passion. Intelligent recruiting platforms can be a huge help in discovering a candidate’s interests through where the candidate is engaging publicly online.

2. Measure employee engagement

If you truly want to foster an engaged workforce, then you will need to put in place a solid process to evaluate it. With the use of technology, a company can see their employees’ wellness and improve their health, from a mental and physical standpoint.
Accordingly, they can give their employees subsidized gym deals, massages, and their HR leaders can focus on talking to all the employees and getting to know what problems were. In addition to observing a boost in morale, they can also see an office-wide increase in productivity.

3. Encourage Feedback

Without knowing what’s going wrong in your business, you can’t fix things, but employees are generally hesitant to be the bearers of bad news. So if you get a piece of feedback that isn’t practical to act on for whatever reason, be sure to take the time to explain to your employees why you were unable or unwilling to make changes.

4. Create a fun office environment

One of the easiest ways to keep your employees engaged at work is to make it fun. Come up with a creative ways to introduce an element of fun in the office. The tradition will become an employee favorite and a great way for  the coworkers to bond.

5. Conduct regular surveys

Regular surveys are a great way to identify issues among your employees. Technology has democratized the workplace, exposing opinions that might never have come to the surface. It allows individual employees to feel validated and see management take action, which noticeably increases engagement.

6. Strengthen the employee-manager relationship

The manager-employee relationship directly affects the engagement level of employees. A weak manager-employee relationship can be destructive to company culture and create a division within the office. On the other hand if your company can strengthen the link between the two, your employees will feel more comfortable and perform much better.



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